My Fascination With Antiques Began at an Early Age.

My family often took road trips and stopping at antique stores provided much needed breaks for us all. I remember scouring the signs along the roadside and when going through small towns for the magical word “Antiques“. It created an exciting opportunity for me, never knowing what treasure I might find to buy with my own dedicated “antique store allowance.”


"Hunting for valuable treasure is either in ones blood or not!"

Shopping for Antiques Can Be a Thrilling Experience of Which Many People Can Relate.

It is also a very important part of our society. Sometimes beautiful items are lost or discarded, never to be enjoyed again. I try to save and preserve those forgotten family heirlooms, so they can find new homes and become joyful possessions once again. The business of buying and selling antiques provides a historical link to our culture and our past. Those who buy an antique or vintage item are most often buying something of superior quality from what is being produced in the modern day. Superior in both their design and the materials available to make them. This is especially true with furniture. Not to mention, buying antiques are the ultimate form of recycling and repurposing. More antique stores and more people buying antiques would greatly reduce the carbon footprint of overused plastics and disposable items. It gives me a great sense of pride to sell hand-crafted items to someone who appreciates the skill and years of training often required to produce them.